Sunday, June 21, 2009

Travel and Arrival

Three planes:

Plane One---Seattle to Dallas, in the company of many of America's finest military personnel, and arriving just in time for us to enjoy the inter-terminal rollercoaster train and arrive at our departure gate as our names were being called for final boarding.

Plane Two---Dallas to London, during which we attempted to sleep but also watched "Paul Blart, Mall Cop." After negotiating the labyrinth of Heathrow airport, we boarded right on time, then waited an hour for unidentified "precious cargo" to be loaded...

Plane Three---London to Nairobi, on which our vegetarian meal status was a source of dismay for the flight personnel.

We were met at the airport by Charles, our taxi driver, and escorted to Country Lodge for our first night's rest. All restaurants are closed, but we aren't above a vending machine meal every once in a while. Delicious!

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  1. Hi Mom,
    Last night we went and saw RHPS at midnight. It was very weird and interesting. They swore a lot (Q). Everyone made so much noise, we couldn't hear the words (E) and will watch it on DVD. Thanks (BP). The movie ended at 2:30 and, when we got home, Quinn fell asleep before her head hit the pillow but I stayed up and finished my book (E). Today, we slept in and had a special father's day breakfast at noon before going to see UP. After we came from the theater we went to a street fair and there were a bunch of chalk-art street drawings and old cars. Then we swam until dinnerish at Bapop's house. People came over for dinner and we swam again in the dark. Now it is time for bed. I think we are going to the beach tomorrow. I hate it here. We are sooooo bored. Justkiddingjustkiddingjustkidding. Love E & Q.