Monday, June 22, 2009

No Photo Upload

We're at the end of a VERY full day, which started with a massive refuel breakfast at Country Lodge. We checked out the conference facilities there and at its sister hotel next door (much swankier), then met up with the Fairview's Number One Cab Driver: Charles. He delivered us to the NYTimes Bureau, our new digs for the week. Jeffrey got us set up, but he set off soon after for his tennis lesson---lucky guy's on paternity leave!---and we walked up to the Village Market for supplies. We bought a cell phone, plenty of minutes, a Nairobi city and suburbs road map, and several snack items to have on hand while we're locked inside the bureau office at night.

We managed a lunch of samosas and veggie fried rice before walking back to stash our food loot and hailing a cab to take us to the Eldons' house. Riding around Nairobi in the back of a cab is both disorienting for me -- so much is new! -- and weirdly familiar --so much of the new stuff is built around the old stuff!

Our meeting with Mike and Evelyn also included Moses and Daniel from Cura, and Nazir and Tambo from the DEPOT, and it was incredibly inspiring and produtive. We all took voluminous notes over chai and muffins. We have plans, both near and far term, and lots and lots to do!

From there, we took a cab back to Gigiri (the same neighborhood as the NYTimes Bureau), but this time directly to Jeff's house, where we had a relaxing, warm, happy, evening over dinner with Jeff, Courtenay, Jeff's parents, new baby Apollo and the two dogs.

There might have been a few mosquitoes, too. Just in case, Greg and I have decided to start taking our malaria medication in advance of our departure from Nairobi. My friend Paul was hit with it over the weekend, and he thinks he got it in town. Bad news! I'm interested in NOT hallucinating or making a run to the hospital this week, so... fingers crossed, everyone!

We're back at the bureau now---very tempted to use the inexpensive phone line to call the US and hear sweet daughter-voices. I think I'll wait, though, until Wednesday or Thursday--okay, gorillas?

--H / Mama

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  1. Hi Mom, We had a full day also but no mosquitos and lots of sand. We were tired when we woke up so we jumped in the pool. We dried off then went to the beach and swam some more. We were there just a little while but decided to go home about noon. Guess what. When we got in the car, it wasn't noon. It was 6:11PM and we were already late for dinner. Now we have rinsed off the salt with another swim in the pool. You can say that things went swimmingly today. :). Love you and can't wait to hear from you later this week. E & Q Gorillas