Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not all work...

We're heading out for the day in 5 minutes, but here are photos of the people we've been visiting...

Jeff, Courtenay, baby Apollo, Jeff's parents (and the two dogs). For dinner on Monday night, but also yesterday for lunch at the Muthaiga Club.

My first roommate at University of Nairobi, Rose Weru---for coffee at Yaya Centre. We got stopped by a security guard for piga-ing this picha!

My University of Nairobi buddy, Gerald Okotch---always the life of the party---for cocktails at Gypsy in Westlands.

And my BEST UoN friend, Paul Wambua (also at Gypsy).... Just like no time has passed at all.
I'm not sure we're coming home... :)


  1. Looks like a very good experience, indeed! Keep up the good work on the blog guys.


  2. Hayden, you look so very happy. you had better come joking about that.
    sounds like bapop is keeping the girls bizzy (or is it the other way around?) because I hear little regarding my work emails :)
    the blogs kick ass - seems to make the trip fly by!

  3. Hi Mom and Greg,
    Three days have passed since our last comment but we are still thinking about you and enjoy reading your posts. We last reported our day at the beach on Monday. On Tuesday, we spent most of the day in the pool but also rode the two-person recumbent bike around the Rose Bowl. Bapop pretended to do all the work but he didn't. It was really me (Q). We swam some more until dinner. Then we watched the DVD and practiced dancing the Time Warp. We got it nailed. It took us a while so we slept in yesterday until Bapop came in an woke us up at 10:30. He told us we were going to the Home Depot but we didn't believe him. We had lunch in Palmdale at Tom's 29. We took the convertible with the top down but it was very hot anyway.
    Next we drove to California City but before we got there, Bapop got out of the car and made me drive the rest of the way to the airport. (E) I had no idea what I was doing but didn't crash. He made me park and I was able to get the car between the two white lines. Pretty good, huh?
    We walked out onto the airport and we met Cindy, who is a flying instructor for gliders. Bapop said we were going for a ride but I (Q) was scared. I (E) was nervous but wasn't scared and decided to go for it. I sat in the front seat of the glider and they tied a rope to a tow plane. The tow plane took us up and when we were high enough, I got to pull the cord thing to release the tow line. We stayed up for 45 minutes and climbed up to 7,000 feet high. I saw the city and mountains and people looked like ants. I did not get airsick. The landing was my favorite part and much smoother than a jet. When I was done I talked about how awesome it was, which made Quinn want to go up too. (Q) - When Evan was done I got to the glider and had a wet rag put on my neck. It felt really nice because it was so hot. We took off behind the plane but had to come back down because I was too light and they had to add more weight. Then, we took off again. Cindy let me fly and make it turn and go fast and slow. We went in circles to make it go up. We saw a jet go by us and another plane land. (Airport is next to Edwards AFB) I came down and didn't get airsick either. We want to do it again in August. Cindy said that I wanted to learn about everything I could see and Quinn wanted to learn about everything she could do. I flew over to see a brush fire in the mountains and some windmills. Bapop wanted drive home with the convertible top down but we made him put it up so we could turn on the airconditioning. We went in the pool as soon as we got home and then practiced the Time Warp Again again.
    Love you, miss you and you better come home.