Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yesterday's mini-road trip involved asking our driver, Jeremiah, to take his lovingly detailed Toyota over unpaved roads circling Nairobi National Park... to end up at my former safari-friend's mum's place: Kitengela Glass. The compound is a wacky, surreal place filled with improvised art---and the business is to take recycled materials and create something beautiful. There were lots of busy people---making stained glass, goblets, beads, pottery, etc---and lots to look at!

AND there was a new feature to the compound: a wire suspension bridge over a ravine that is far deeper than these photos can convey! Greg was eager to cross, but I confess that my heart rate definitely increased its pace while I considered joining him...

Do I LOOK anxious?

Good thing I decided to cross, though---my daredevil daughters were apparently flying sailplanes this week, so I can't let them show me up! :)

Greg, of course, had no trouble with this swaying, improbably constructed thing.

On our way back to Nairobi, I practiced my Swahili by naming the animals we saw: punda, punda milia, ngombe... And once we arrived, we made a beeline to the Norfolk Hotel (now called The Fairmont Norfolk, what with corporate take overs and all) for a gin and tonic at the Lord Delamere Terrace, just for old times' sake. The old dark wood bar is gone, and the facade is brightened up, and the little phone cubicle where I used to make my collect calls to the States is now a business center... but otherwise I felt right at home.

Later, we met back up with Paul and Gerald for some Nairobi nightlife that included exclusive guest lists and the most sought-after Nairobi poolside party band.
Today? Karen. For the elephant orphanage, the giraffe center and who knows what else...

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  1. I like your description of the giraffes. Come home safely. Dick

    "... but they've got their nasty habits: mostly sticking their long, slimy tongues into their nostrils in between nibbles of tourist-pellets. Ewwwwww!"